Pre Primary

Pre Primary

  • Age Group:3 - 6 Years
  • Duration :Nursery to UKG


Why are Pre Primary / Nursery schools important?

Early child education is an extremely important step in a child’s learning career. The early years of a child’s development solidify the brain’s architecture – “the foundation upon which all later learning, behavior, and health depend.” UNICEF recognizes the importance of nursery schools in preparing children for their schooling cognitively, socially and emotionally.

How do nursery schools help children?

Nursery school provides the building blocks for numeracy and literacy learning. It prepares children to be emotionally ready for primary school. It teaches children how to interact with each other and with adults in an appropriate way.

Ready to Start Primary School

In addition to the developing a child’s cognitive skills, nursery schools prepare children with the soft skills necessary to succeed in primary school. In nursery school, children learn to focus and follow directions. They get used to following rules and a set routine. They learn about expectations of their teachers and how they can meet them. They discover ways to handle disappointment or anger. They learn how to take care of themselves, becoming more independent in feeding themselves, taking care of their things and taking care of their personal hygiene. They become used to being separated from their parents for longer periods of time.

Royal Academy is one of the best primary school in Haraharpara, Berhampore, Murshidabad encourage this type of self-development with individualized learning plans. With a high teacher to student ratio, the educators know each child well. They are prepared to nurture each child to reach their highest potential and to adapt the curriculum to prepare all of the children for their school years. Royal Academy pride themselves on providing a safe environment where children feel comfortable and secure.

Developing Strong Social Skills

Nursery school is a playground where children learn how to interact with each other and with adults other than their family members. They learn to share and get along with others. They participate in group activities, taking turns and listening to others. They learn how to wait and share the teacher’s attention. These social skills serve children throughout their school years and into their career.

Royal Academy is largest education centre in Hariharpara, Berhampore, Murshidabad recognizes the importance of social development with a curriculum that focuses on communication and collaboration. The curriculum is structured to develop the varying personality strengths in each child. Educators are trained to foster an atmosphere of inclusion where mutual respect and understanding are fundamental practices.

Nursery school is the best option for the education of young children to develop their cognitive, social and emotional skills. A high-quality, child-centered nursery school provides the foundation for a child to be successful throughout their school years.

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